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Ransomware Traps You Can Avoid

by Alex Trinidad


Article excerpt

Beware Ransomware: It's on the Rise Everywhere

The ransomware issue has grown exponentially as cybercrooks have become more creative. A mindless pop-up on a legitimate web page usually also carries the word “download” and once the user clicks on it, he falls prey to the criminal’s trap.

Our take

Think Before You Click

It’s a trap easy to fall into, but an important lesson to educators and others to help avoid the risks of ransomware and other cyber-ills is “think before you click.” How well are you getting that message out to members of your school system?

Education is the industry most at risk of ransomeware attacks according to security firm BitSight. Many of these attacks don’t target the technology itself, but the people using the technology. Ongoing communication, education and training is important to help administrators, teachers, staff, students and parents understand the risks and the role they play in protecting their school system, or university’s, IT assets—and their own personal information.