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Raising STEM Competencies

by Michael Hart

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

U Denver To Launch 'STEM for Grown-Ups'

The University of Denver’s Center for Professional Development will partner with the Denver-based Silicon STEM Academy to offer “STEM for Grown-Ups,” a new curriculum of interactive courses involving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) that teachers and others can take for continuing education unit (CEU) credit.

Our take

Let Them Learn STEM

If teachers can’t teach it, students can’t learn it. The great gap in STEM competencies among graduates and students of all ages can best be addressed by teachers armed with the knowledge and skills to meet these needs. The University of Denver’s partnership with Silicon STEM Academy, is designed to educate the educators. Are you making inaccurate assumptions about your instructors’ comfort with STEM?

Consider the gap that exists between technology advancements and developments over the past few years, and the educational experiences of many of your instructors. Making assumptions about their knowledge of, and comfort with, technology can lead to frustration on their part and negatively impacted learning opportunities for your students. Bringing STEM instruction to your teachers can be a good way to bridge the gap and ease anxiety.