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Quantum Computing, Backed by Intel

Quantum Computing, Backed by Intel

  • September 11, 2015|
  • 3 years ago

by Don Clark

The Wall Street Journal

Article excerpt

Intel to Invest $50 Million in Quantum Computers

Intel Corp. is joining the race to develop quantum computers, a long-discussed break from conventional electronics aimed at solving problems that are far beyond the reach of today’s hardware. The chip giant said it is investing $50 million as part of a 10-year collaboration with QuTech, an institute in the Netherlands formed in 2013 by Delft University of Technology and the Dutch Organization for Applied Research.

Our take

Get Ready for Quantum Computing

Because quantum bits, or qubits, can represent both the 1 and the 0 of binary data at the same time, there are opportunities to do some very sophisticated calculations, very quickly. Intel recently announced a partnership with QuTech, a Netherlands-based company, to explore opportunities to leverage quantum data in its R&D efforts. While some say Intel is late to the dance, the company’s sheer size may provide an edge. What might the implications be for your school system?

If you think today’s technology is already pretty sophisticated, wait until you see what Intel may be able to do with quantum computers. The speed of calculations is just one factor; the ability to boost security another. Time will tell just what innovations might emerge from this partnership, but it’s an announcement that bears watching.