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Putting Technology in Teachers’ Hands

by Corinne Lestch

State Scoop

Article excerpt

Teachers should use more technology in school

Teachers should learn how to better use technology and integrate it into their classrooms, a panel said during an Alliance for Excellent Education event [on August 25].
The event, called “Technology, Training and Teaming to Ensure Great Teaching for All Students,” tried to foster discussion around the changing role of teachers, from lecturers to facilitators of learning and users of technology — even tools as simple as Google Docs, podcasts and video.

Our take

While Many Are Calling For More Technology in the Classroom, Teachers Could Use a Little Help

Our Take:mFrom “simple” tools like Google Docs and podcasts, to more complex blended learning environments, teachers are being exhorted to bring more technology into their classrooms. Many are interested and would love to do just that. But they’re often hampered by a lack of knowledge or understanding of what’s available, lack of confidence in their ability to introduce these tools successfully, and limited support for these endeavors. What needs to happen to ease these constraints to allow for more technology innovations in education?

First, the recognition that not every teacher may approach learning in the same way—and that not every learning objective can be effectively addressed through technology. Next, communication and education. Teachers are too often siloed and, consequently, unaware of best practice innovations that may be occurring within their own school systems. Conversations can be a good first step toward sharing and collaboration; teachers need training and education to help them identify and implement the most effective options.