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Putting Podcasts in the Classroom

by Alexandra Pannoni

US News & World Report

Article excerpt

High School Teachers Tune In Students With Podcasts

Podcasts are all the rage, and some imaginative high school teachers are introducing their students to the medium in class. Nancy Branom, an English teacher at Edmonds-Woodway High School in Washington, recently had her writer’s workshop class make podcasts.

Our take

Podcasts Bring All Subjects to Life

The popularity of podcasts like Serial, have this not-so-new tech tool back on the radar screens of many consumers these days–including teachers. Podcasts can offer opportunities for increased collaboration, and creativity, for students who can use the technology to turn research into stories that are told through audio. English courses aren’t the only potential application for the concept; how might you make use of podcasts in your classrooms?

Any field of instruction that lends itself to written papers, could also lend itself to podcasts. Podcasts offer students an opportunity to augment the written word with sound—from their own voices, to interviews, to music, sound effects and more. A history podcast assignment might involve interviews with older members of the community to tell their stories about life many years before. A science podcast assignment might involve capturing the sounds of nature at different times of year. The possibilities are, virtually, endless.