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Woman Talking in front of class

Put Me in Coach, I’m Ready to Teach

by Elisha McNeil

Education Week

Article excerpt

Online Teacher-Coaching Services on the Rise

To help hone their skills and improve their classroom practice, a growing number of teachers are getting help from virtual-coaching services, according to a story in the Hechinger Report this week. More startups and education nonprofits are developing professional-development programs that combine face-to-face interaction and online training, both for new teachers struggling with classroom management and veteran teachers looking to provoke deeper thinking from students.

Our take

Your Virtual Coach Will See You Now

It’s challenging to be a teacher and, perhaps, even more challenging to get the kind of ongoing feedback necessary to improve teaching skills. Online coaching can help, as this article illustrates. By taping, and receiving feedback on, videos of their classes, teachers can receive personalized feedback on ways they might improve their teaching approaches. Could your teachers benefit from this form of professional development?

Digital technology offers opportunities of many kinds for learning and training and school systems are increasingly turning to these technologies to augment their professional development efforts. The opportunity for individual teacher-coaching sessions with virtual coaches is just one more opportunity that may hold value for some teachers.