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Pushing Beyond The VR Field Trip

by Bob Nilsson


Article excerpt

Coding, Gaming, IoT, and Wearables: Educause 2016 And The Increasing Presence Of Virtual Reality In Education

The number of sessions about virtual reality at the annual Educause conference has been steadily growing each year and the concept is now mentioned even in sessions where it is not the main topic. This year, an entire 3½ hour seminar was dedicated to Virtual Reality and the Future of Learning on the Tuesday prior to the main conference.

Our take

Emerging Opportunities for VR in the Classroom

The idea of virtual reality in the classroom is becoming more mainstream as evidenced by its omnipresence at this year’s Educause conference. How often is VR coming up in discussions in your classrooms?

Virtual field trips tend to be the obvious go-to application for virtual reality when educators discuss how they might use this technology in their classrooms. That’s really just the starting point, though. There are many growing opportunities to leverage virtual reality to help students understand the world around them, and the careers they may choose to pursue.