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The Push For Universal Preschool

by Lillian Mongeau

The Atlantic

Article excerpt

The Underestimation of America's Preschool Teachers

“We believe that preschool is an integral part of the public-school system and public school should be universally available because every child can benefit from it,” said Josh Wallack, the deputy chancellor of New York City’s Department of Education. “Therefore, preschool should be universal.”

Our take

Paving the Way for Higher Quality Pre-School

There’s a big push on to leverage the value of quality pre-school programming and instruction to better prepare children for K-12 and beyond. New York City has made a concerted effort to improve the quality of pre-K education and to ensure that all 4-year-olds can be accommodated. What is your school district doing to address these young learners?

Studies are showing that the greater the gap between children’s educational development when entering kindergarten, the more that gap widens as they proceed through school. Helping to close that gap can reap big rewards down the road and boost the odds that students, particularly minority and low income students, will be prepared to pursue higher education. New York City provides a good use case for other school systems to study as they contemplate ways to better serve these young learners.