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Providing Opportunities To Innovate

by David Raths

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

An Innovation Center Built for Flexibility and Transparency

Innovation centers are becoming commonplace on university campuses, but few live up to the name as well as Clemson University’s (SC) Watt Family Innovation Center — both in terms of architectural features and the array of technology and collaboration options available to students and faculty. Opened in 2016, the four-story, 70,000-square-foot facility contains 73 spaces with audiovisual tools along with more than 4,300 pieces of hardware provided by 65 different vendors.

Our take

Collaborating for Innovation

The best way to become comfortable with technology is to interact with it in settings that allow for experimentation, and even play. Providing students—and faculty—with a place they can go to experience many different kinds of technology can be a good way to augment class instruction and professional development. Could your development efforts be put to work to build a center like this on your campus?

There are a wide range of innovative partnerships springing up between educational institutions at both the K-12 and higher ed levels and community and business organizations. These partnerships represent a win-win-win for students, schools and community. The hardest step is the first one. Schools need to take the initiative to engage their business communities.