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Protect Against Ransomware Attacks

by Kelly Jackson Higgins

Information Week

Article excerpt

Education Now Suffers The Most Ransomware Attacks

When you think ransomware victim, most likely your first thought is a hospital. But a new survey of ransomware’s spread among different industry sectors shows that education is actually the biggest target right now.

Our take

Taking Steps to Prevent Security Breaches

Hospital ransomeware attacks have been widely highlighted in the news, but new data point to education as the industry that suffers most. The research indicates that 10 percent of education organizations have been hit, compared to 6 percent of government entities and 3.5 percent of health organizations. Are you building an infrastructure to effectively guard against these attacks?

Ransomeware attacks can wreak havoc for any organization and they’re growing in prevalence across all industries. With risks appearing to be higher in education it’s important that risk mitigation plans are developed and implemented to minimize potential loss of functionality and data. Cloud adoption is increasingly a move that educational institutions are making for reasons related to both functionality and security. In addition, it’s important to ensure that ongoing communication helps to minimize risks that occur through the actions of staff and students.