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Promising Partnership Advances New Tech

by Tony Wan


Article excerpt

ASU, GSV and Tim Draper Join Forces for Higher-Ed Accelerator

The program marries the country’s largest public university system, a bullish and prolific venture capital firm that has invested in 64 edtech companies, and Draper Associates, which, in addition to investing, also operates its own “university” to help train aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our take

Exploring Community Connections for Collaboration

Not all educators are steeped in technology know-how; not all tech entrepreneurs have foundations in education. Bringing the two sides together to focus on relevant solutions to drive education forward through an accelerator program, these Silicon Valley venture capital firms hope, will lead to innovative ed tech solutions. Are there opportunities in your area to come together for similar conversations?

There may well be. Increasingly, schools at both the K-12 and higher ed levels are finding opportunities to connect with community and business leaders in discussions around how current teaching trends and approaches can serve workforce needs today and in the future. Starting these discussions can lead to new insights, and potential partnerships and collaborations to drive better engagement, efficiencies and outcomes.