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Preschool Pop-Ups Closing Education Gaps

by Kathryn Baron

The Hechinger Report

Article excerpt

Pop-ups bring preschool to low-income communities

In a variation on the theme of pop-up restaurants, boutiques and entertainment, it is one of six pop-up preschools in Silicon Valley. Each was started between 2011 and 2015 as part of a national pilot launched by the YMCA to provide free early childhood education programs for young children in low-income families.

Our take

Creative Collaborations

Creativity and innovation can stem from making cross-industry connections. That seems to be the case with pop-up preschools, taking a cue from the popularity of pop-up restaurants and boutiques. Studies have shown that quality preschool education can help close learning gaps between low-income, often minority students, and their peers. Could this concept work in lower-income portions of your district?

Collaborations in education are opening up new opportunities at all levels of instruction as non-traditional educational organizations, technology firms, venture capitalists and others come together to invest in new ways of bringing education to those who need it most.