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Prepping Parents For Kindergarten

by Moriah Balingit

The Washington Post

Article excerpt

As kindergarten ratchets up academics, parents feel the stress

Kindergarten, where children were once encouraged to play and adjust to the rhythms of the school day, has long been evolving. But many parents new to modern-day elementary schooling say they have been shocked to find their children in a pressure cooker of rigorous academics, standardized tests, homework and what seem like outrageous expectations.

Our take

A Need for Better Kindergarten Onboarding?

Kindergarten isn’t what it used to be. From naps and snacks to testing and academic rigor, the nature of many children’s early educational experiences is becoming more stressful for them–and for their parents. What should you be doing to help ease the stress—on students and parents—and how might technology play a role?

The recognition of gaps between students entering K-12 is creating a focus on the need for higher quality pre-K educational opportunities. But not all students will be able to avail themselves of these opportunities. Kindergarten teachers, therefore, have a critical role to play here. Recognizing the challenges, and the stressors, is a good starting point. Essentially, teachers need to have the freedom to uncover how students like to learn—and which methods are most effective, applying technology appropriately to streamline and boost learning opportunities.