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Preparing for a New Wave of CIOs

by Jessica Davis

Information Week

Article excerpt

SIM CIO Report: IT Leadership Hits A 'Watershed Moment'

We could lose a third to half of the current batch of CIOs within the next five to ten years,” said Leon Kappelman, lead researcher on the Society for Information Management’s (SIM) IT Trends Study 2015.

Our take

Internal Development Could Offset Future IT Leadership Shortfalls

An annual IT trends survey predicts that up to half of the current CIOS around the country are likely to be gone within the next five to ten years; they represent an older cohort that is rapidly reaching retirement age and likely to exit after years of rampant change and growing pressure from multiple sources. The education industry is poised to feel the pain. What can you do now to prepare?

With IT leadership already in short supply, news that the next few years could see a mass exodus is sobering; educational leaders need to start planning now to offset the impact of future gaps. Internal development may be the best starting point. While most of the CIOs covered in this study came from outside of their current organizations, there is opportunity now to identify and develop internal staff—many who belong to a generation that represents “digital natives.”