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Pre-K Partnerships Preventing Gaps

by Lora Kolodny


Article excerpt

Brought to you by the letters A and I: Sesame Workshop, IBM developing edtech for pre-schoolers

The new partnership will see IBM drawing on Sesame Workshop’s deep well of educational research, experts and content. And IBM will help Sesame Workshop figure out how it could apply advanced technology in its own educational products and research.

Our take

Early Education Intervention May Help Close Learning Gaps

Sesame Workshop and IBM have partnered to come up with innovative, technology-driven ways of better engaging and educating pre-school children. It’s an area of focus as studies continue to show the big gaps between students entering kindergarten and pointing to the need for earlier intervention and education. What benefits might this bring to K-12 students as they begin their formal education?

This partnership is focused on personalized learning and assessment, providing parents, educators and childcare professionals with an early indication of where children excel, or where they may need additional development. This is a great example of one of the many partnerships that are taking place in education today as the field of ed tech continues to develop.