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Student using tablet in Library

Playing Games for Education’s Sake

by David Nagel

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Education, Gaming Drive Virtual Reality Gear

Virtual reality devices will grow by nearly 85 percent for the next five years, driven in large part by gaming and educational applications, according to a new report from ABI Research.

Our take

Education in the 21st Century: Let’s Play Games!

What do education and gaming have in common? A lot it seems. This is becoming more apparent as the promise of virtual reality is being realized in both realms. And, after all, gaming can drive education and education can be delivered through gaming. High-end gaming systems are no longer required, this piece points out, as Google Cardboard and mobile phone apps have emerged. How can you leverage the use of gaming to engage your students?

Children love to play games and introducing an element of competition in the classroom can engage students and capture their attention in ways that traditional lecture or even other types of group activities simply can’t. It’s important, though, that games are selected and implemented based on student learning needs with a specific outcome in mind—simply playing game for the sake of playing games is not effective instruction.