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Planning for New World Education

by Nichole Dobo

The Hechinger Report

Article excerpt

Technology in the classroom: Ohio shows one way school leaders and teachers can develop a game plan

It comes at a good time. Experts cite educator and school leader training as a critical component for innovations such as blended learning, which mixes in-person and computer-based elements into the classroom experience.

Our take

Time for Conversation About a New World in Education

As the learning environment changes, teachers and administrators need to learn new ways of providing instruction, leveraging technology and assessing learning. Ohio educators and administrators recently came together, along with national experts and vendors, to participate in a lab that offered opportunities to envision a new future for education. Should you be starting similar conversations in your school district?

Technology is driving the potential for disruptive change in education. Ensuring that this change is minimally disruptive, and positive, for all involved—students, teachers, administrators, parents and community—will require conversation and collaboration. While much can be learned from the experiences of others, like this group in Ohio, each district is different. Now is the time to begin drawing together your stakeholders for conversations about what the future of education might look like for your students.