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Planning For Cloud Adoption

by Stephen Noonoo

EdTech Focus on K-12

Article excerpt

Cloud Fuels the Advance of Digital Curricula

While the cloud has been a go-to model for delivering infrastructure services — such as email, storage and web-hosting systems — today’s top two drivers of adoption are improving student performance and the quality of instructional time.

Our take

Cloud Adoption: Beyond Data Storage

The use of cloud technology in education is evolving from a focus on administration and storage to also address needs related to the quality of instruction. For example, the cloud plays a major role in providing access to open educational resources (OER) and other forms of online resources. The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) has reported that 99 percent of educators will use digital OERs over the next three years. How close to adoption is your school district?

The ability to leverage online content to augment their own instruction is helping teachers be more effective—and providing students with greater depth and breadth of instruction, something that is increasingly important in underserved school districts. Despite the potential, and wide range of resources available, though, a strategic approach to cloud adoption is required.