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Planning Before Spending

by Daisy Dyer Duerr


Article excerpt

K-12 Computer Science Initiatives Are Exciting, but Are They Enough?

Without strategic planning and leadership, the fate of computer science in Arkansas will be the same as other expensive public school programs across our state; it will thrive in affluent areas and disappear in poorer areas. We must stop this cycle.

Our take

Getting Your Money’s Worth From Technology Investments

There are plenty of examples of large sums of money being thrown at school systems to launch technology initiatives; just ask Mark Zuckerberg, whose investment of $100 million into Newark public schools generated dismal results. The problem, as this educator points out, may be a lack of sound strategy behind the dollars. How can you wrap your system’s arms around the strategy to best leverage available funding?

As Stephen Covey so famously declared: “start with the end in mind.” With a clear idea of where you’d like to go, gathering stakeholders together to discuss the best, and most cost effective, routes to get there can help to identify opportunities, barriers, and sound strategies to ensure goals are met. Just having access to technology is not enough; school systems must ensure a climate and culture conducive to innovation.