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Personalized Learning From Students’ Perspectives

by Dian Schaffhauser

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

College Students: 'Please Personalize My Learning'

Eight in 10 college students surveyed said that the use of tech improves their grades (81 percent), lets them spend more time studying by increasing the accessibility they have to their materials (82 percent) and improves their efficiency (81 percent). A comparable number (80 percent) said they find that their instructors are “effectively” integrating digital learning tech into their courses.

Our take

What Students Want From Digital Learning

While the results of a recent Hanover Research survey conducted for McGraw-Hill Education shows some definite positive impacts of technology on post-secondary student learning, there is still room for improvement. Students indicate that they believe technology could be used more effectively for interpersonal interactions or group work. What takeaways can you glean from these results?

Some students learn best from what they hear, others from what they see, and others through physical interaction. Students are clamoring for more personalized educational opportunities that also provide the opportunity for interaction and teamwork. Educators have a role to play in teaching and modeling effective tech-enabled interactions.