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Personalization For Teachers, Too!

by Michele Eaton

eSchool News

Article excerpt

How One District Improved Its Personalized Learning by Failing Forward

In the MSD of Wayne Township, there are several blended and online opportunities available for students. Perhaps the same is true in your district, but how many of those same opportunities are available to teachers as well?

Our take

Individualized Learning in PD

The same educational concepts applied to student learning can also be applied to professional development (PD) for teachers. One key point: be open to failing and committed to continuous learning. In this school district, as teachers came together to improve the creation of student individual learning plans, they learned something about how they might apply these same principles to their own PD.

Our piece on “Professional Development and the Data-Driven Classroom” provides some additional perspectives on PD, including a look at an approach featured in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Making Data Work for Teachers and Students” called Assess, Analyze and Pivot.