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Perfecting E-Portfolio Efforts

by Dian Schaffhauser

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

5 Lessons Worth Learning About E-Portfolios

The University of Alaska Anchorage introduced e-portfolios to the campus in a big way this year, rolling out the technology across the entire institution. And as anyone who has attempted such a feat quickly realizes, large-scale e-portfolio adoption takes more energy and commitment than the typical technology project.

Our take

Best Practices in E-Portfolio Adoption

The implementation of digital portfolio programs can take significant time and investment; the experiences of the University of Alaska Anchorage (U Alaska) and others can help shave some of that time and expedite implementation. What insights might you glean from these schools’ experiences to help launch your own e-portfolio projects at either the higher-ed or K-12 level?

While many e-portfolio tools were originally adopted by higher education institutions, as technology has become increasingly prevalent at all levels of education, K-12 facilities are also finding opportunities for practical application. Best practices in the adoption of e-portfolios range from technology-related (selecting the right vendor and tech tools) to basic communication principles (promoting to students and teachers, establishing a strong team to push the process forward).