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Perfect IT Strategy For Your School

by Frank DiMaria

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

3 Keys to Creating an IT Strategic Plan

Woe is the IT shop operating without a strategic plan. Staffers may be tasked with supporting the overall university mission, but without a specific strategy they are working with little or no guidance.

Our take

You Don’t Have Time Not to Be Strategic!

For many IT professionals it may feel as though they’re continually putting out fires. That may be because their educational institution lacks a strategic IT plan. How can you approach educational technology decisions more strategically?

With so many new technology options available today, new tools emerging continually, and requests coming from all sides, IT professionals need to take steps to ensure that their resources—both time and money—are being spent strategically, in alignment with their educational institution’s plans. A good first step: take steps to understand what your school is hoping to accomplish over the next few years and determine how IT can best support those efforts.