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A Peek Into Minecraft Education Edition

by Cameron Main and Diane Main


Article excerpt

An Inside Peek Into the Education World’s Obsession with Minecraft

In mass amount, I saw how students try, click, play, guess, and take risks with computer applications and other devices, all in attempt to figure out “What happens if I…?” I’m ecstatic to see a generation of willing pioneers who know no fear when it comes to bravely experimenting and inventing, with little regard for adults who may want to steer them toward more traditional and pragmatic pursuits.

Our take

Minecraft Education Edition About to Launch

As this educator’s recent experiences at MINECON 2016, the annual Minecraft convention, demonstrate, kids don’t really need adult intervention–or instruction–when learning how to interact with technology. They’re very willing to simply try things! How could you apply these principles of self-exploration and discovery in your classrooms?

Diane Main’s experiences at MINECON 2016 led to a number of ideas and new insights about how Minecraft, already popular with children, could be used in ever-more engaging ways to drive learning. Here she outlines some new features that will be part of the Minecraft Education Edition which will launch in 2017 and shares some ideas she gleaned from the conference and other participants. Gamification can be put to very good purpose in education.