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Pedagogy Over Technology

by Benjamin Herold

Education Week

Article excerpt

What It Takes to Move From 'Passive' to 'Active' Tech Use in K-12 Schools

Just providing students with access to classroom technology is no longer enough. Increasingly, schools are expected to make sure that teachers and students are using devices, software, apps, and other digital tools in “active” ways.

Our take

When Sixth Graders Print Prosthetic Hands

Simply making technology available to students is not enough says the U.S. Department of Education. Students need to engage actively with technology in meaningful ways, not simply use technology to consume content in a passive manner. It’s all about ensuring they are using technology to explore and create. What is your school doing to ensure that technology is being used by both students and teachers in active ways?

From internet research, to the design of buildings and zoos, to a sixth grade class’s astounding initiative to print 3-D prosthetic human hands that have actually been provided to children around the world, there are a wide range of active initiatives taking place. But, it’s not technology, but pedagogy, that should drive these efforts educators say. The SAMR model is one that teachers can use to help them make the shift from passive to active application of technology.