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PD: It’s Time to Get Technical

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Article excerpt

Professional Development Market Grows as Teachers Recognize Need for Tech Training

According to a 2015 survey by Samsung, 90 percent of teachers believe that technology is essential to the success of their classrooms, but nearly two-thirds of those same teachers do not believe they’ve received adequate training to technologically equip their classrooms.

Our take

Tech PD: Filling the Gap Between Formal and Ongoing Tech Knowledge Development

They have access to technology, but that’s not enough. A 2015 TES Global survey shows that 38 percent of teachers who use tech tools in the classroom researched and discovered them on their own. How could you bring more technology PD to your teachers to help them improve the use of technology?

It’s not likely today or any time in the near future that teachers’ formal education will stay up-to-date with rapidly emerging new technology options. That means that PD needs to fill the gap. School systems are exploring and finding new ways to engage teachers in PD options both in-person and online. When those opportunities also allow time for play and experimentation everyone wins.