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PD: Passing Time or Time Well Spent?

by Jennifer Kabaker

eSchool News

Article excerpt

The major momentum behind micro-credentials

While we know educators are always learning, our systems for recognizing that learning have not quite caught up. Professional development structures typically recognize educators for the time they spend learning in formal activities and rarely acknowledge informal learning.

Our take

From Butts in Chairs to Demonstration of Competency: A New Model for PD

Traditionally, professional development (PD) has been approached from the standpoint of hours spent, rather than competencies gained. One group is attempting to change that by providing micro-credentials in recognition of demonstrated competencies following training activities. Could this be a better way to engage your teachers in meaningful learning activities designed to boost their competencies and performance?

Simply attending training sessions doesn’t guarantee that competencies have been gained—time doesn’t equal learning. Moving to a more competency-based approach to professional development may serve both to save time (and money), and result in better outcomes. In an environment of rapid technology changes, micro-credentials may be the way to go.