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PD for Administrators: A Principal Concern

by Alison DeNisco

District Administration

Article excerpt

Prioritizing principal PD

Alongside day-to-day building management issues such as hiring teachers, overseeing finances and student discipline, principals now guide teachers through new state standards and testing. As principal evaluations become a more common practice, district leaders need to provide them with a PD boost to meet state accountability measures.

Our take

PD For All: Administrators Need to Feel the Love Too

The role of principal is changing and growing in importance as a heightened focus on educational effectiveness, and the rampant emergence of technology disruptors, continue to change the teaching landscape. But, while professional development (PD) for teachers has long been a given, PD for principals—and other administrators—may not receive the same focus. Should you be doing more to educate administrators in your school district?

Students and teachers aren’t the only ones needing professional development; principals do too–they’re being impacted by technology, perhaps, at a higher degree than others in the educational mix. Leaders of all stripes in the educational industry need to be trained alongside their teaching colleagues to ensure a coordinated strategic approach to the effective delivery of education for current and future learners’ needs.