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It Pays To Think Big

by Andrew Meola

Business Insider

Article excerpt

How IoT in Education is Changing the Way We Learn

The Internet of Things, the connection of devices (other than standard products such as computers and smartphones) to the Internet, is in the process of transforming numerous areas of our everyday lives. And while it might not seem like an obvious application of the IoT, education is on that list.

Our take

IoT: Foundational to Fueling Future Innovation in Education

How might IoT, or the Internet of Things, change education? In a number of ways that may be hard to entirely fathom today. Basically, the IoT involves what is referred to as “connected devices.” So, for instance, as this article points out, students might be able to keep track of exactly when the next bus will arrive to minimize time spent in potentially unsafe areas. Or, facilities may be able to detect when everyone has left a building and automatically lock it down. What additional innovative opportunities can you envision for your school system?

When it comes to IoT it pays to think big and beyond the boundaries that may have limited innovative ideas in the past. This year’s SXSWedu conference demonstrated that innovation is very clearly in the wind across K-12, preK and university levels, and technology is more often than not at the center of it all.