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Pave The Road To Ed Tech Efficacy

by Hayley Glatter, Emily Deruy and Alia Wong

eSchool News

Article excerpt

6 ways teaching is changing for a digital world

Learning to change your teaching practice in today’s digital-first world is a bit like learning a foreign language, to hear ed-tech vet Ann McMullan tell it. “You don’t speak it fluently on the first day. But you pick up one word, two words, three words, and the more you engage and the more you use it, the more natural it begins to feel.”

Our take

Embracing Ambiguity in Ed Tech Adoption

Teachers who are not native to new technology may feel hesitant and ill-prepared to “get it right.” As this educator notes, though, efficacy in ed tech is more of a process than a destination. She encourages educators to be open to experimentation, ambiguity and even missteps as they embrace technology. Could you be doing more to pave the way for relevant tech adoption among your instructors?

Embracing change is always challenging, but opening up conversations, connections and collaboration can help educators become more comfortable exploring new options and methods that may seem threatening at first. Providing opportunities for interaction and experimentation can help.