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Badges Improve Student Recognition

by Meg Lloyd

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Pairing E-Portfolios With Badges To Document Informal Learning

E-portfolios have always offered an avenue to showcase informal learning, but at the University of Notre Dame’s Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, digital learning designers realized that the maximum potential of e-portfolios on their campus was not being met. Most students were not taking full advantage of e-portfolios to document the integration of formal and informal learning.

Our take

E-Tracking of Classes, Badges—and Maybe Even MOOCs

Learning takes many forms these days both in- and outside of the traditional classroom setting, and students can choose from a variety of educational providers. E-portfolios can provide students with a way to document their learning but, as the University of Notre Dame found, many are not taking advantage of the option. In addition, to further leverage the use of these e-portfolios, Notre Dame felt there needed to be a way to incorporate badges to present a well-rounded picture of student competencies to potential employers. They achieved the integration through a three-stage process. Does this pairing have potential for your university?

A good starting point to answer that question is taking a look at how e-portfolios and badges are currently being used, and to what extent. Both students and instructors can offer additional insights and, use cases like this one, can provide best practice guidance from those who have already paved the way.