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Outcome-Driven VR

by Jessica Leigh Brown


Article excerpt

How Wearables and Virtual Reality are Finding a Place in the Classroom

Analysts at New Media Consortium predict wearables will be widespread in classrooms in about four years, but there are already examples of the technology making waves in education.

Our take

Virtual Reality With the End in Mind

From collaboration, to creation, new technology products are providing increasingly interactive options for students to engage in hands-on learning. Products like Microsoft’s HoloLens and Google Glass are just emerging, but experts predict that wearable tech may be widespread in classrooms in as few as four years. What practical applications might this technology hold for your students?

While virtual field trips are a highly referenced example of the use of virtual reality (VR) in the classroom, teachers should think outside the norm when considering practical applications for technology of any kind. As always, the focus for the introduction of technology should always be tied to sound pedagogy and desired outcomes.