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Optimizing Technology In Classrooms

by Rebecca Recco


Article excerpt

Five Myths About Classroom Technology (And What To Do, Instead)

The best learning experiences for your students involve student-led creating, exploring, and sharing. Keep that in mind when considering new apps and devices—and you will be rewarded with better student learning.

Our take

Thinking Strategically About Technology

Technology won’t fix all of your problems, it’s not “dangerous,” it doesn’t (on its own) lead to student success, gaming isn’t the key to student learning, and technology is not less meaningful than traditional learning. These are the five myths explored in this piece. Which ones have you fallen prey to?

Technology is certainly not a panacea. It is, though, a powerful enabler that—if used appropriately, and with desired educational outcomes in mind—can help teachers save time, boost productivity and fuel student learning. Technology can also play an important role in capturing, analyzing and reporting on student progress. Teachers, though, need to think strategically about how to best augment their teaching methods with technology. It can be helpful for teachers to have a rubric or tool to assess if they are truly and effectively using technology to transform their classrooms.