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Online Speech Therapy Success

by eSchool News

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Article excerpt

Rural district turns to online speech therapy

Although districts are required to provide students in need with special education and related services such as speech therapy, many face obstacles in doing so. To overcome this challenge, LPUSD chose to use online speech therapy through PresenceLearning and is seeing great success.

Our take

Specialized Student Needs May be Met Through Online Services

When attempting to address unique needs of students, rural districts can be particularly challenged to find, recruit and retain specialized staff members—in this case speech-language pathologists. Technology can provide solutions by bringing teachers, students and services together across distances as this example illustrates. Whether in a rural area, or simply struggling to meet student needs in districts of any size, are there opportunities to leverage technology in ways that can address these challenges while boosting outcomes?

As this mini case study illustrates, it can be possible to bring online therapy services to school districts with resource and geographical challenges. This ability, though, underlines the importance of network and device infrastucture as well as cloud resources in education. In considering ways your district might address learning gaps through technology, it’s important to bring together administrators, educators, IT staff, and learners to consider how options can be effectively and reliably implemented.

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