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Online Learning Offers New Avenues

by Jason Schmitt

Huffington Post

Article excerpt

Mortar is Messy: Online Tech Fills in the Higher Ed Brick Walls

The push towards recognizing a larger allotment of MOOC courses in a credit-bearing direction is increasing. OpenClassrooms, a large French MOOC, just released a four year degree on their platform that is recognized by the French State and Topica Edtech Group of South East Asia released a partnership agreement with Coursera that will allow Vinh University in Vietnam to become one of the first educational institutes to recognize credits from any of Coursera’s 1,800 MOOC offerings.

Our take

Ample Opportunity in Global Education Market

Online learning options are providing new avenues for those wishing to pursue higher ed degrees to access worldwide courses by renowned experts for a fraction of the cost of traditional courses. As this article notes, coursework available online is increasingly being approved for transfer credits by accredited universities. Is this a benefit or a threat to your institution?

It may be a bit of both, but other countries are pursuing these options more aggressively than the U.S. With only two percent of the market currently digitized, there’s a lot of opportunity for continued growth. For-profit players and investors are moving quickly to expand into this space—educational institutions have been slower to act, but may have the advantage of experience with traditional educational delivery to level the playing field.