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Online Learning: A Growing Market

by Sujata Sangwan

I Am Wire

Article excerpt

ChalkStreet: An eLearning Startup with a Vision to Make a Social Difference

Started in June 2015 by Venkata Raghulan, Rajesh Kumar and Tyagarajan Sundaresan, Bengaluru-based ChalkStreet is an online learning platform, where teachers and experts across the country can connect with millions of learners. Users can choose free online courses in their favorite topics and experience learning.

Our take

Educating the Masses Around the World

The market potential for online learning in India is enormous—expected to grow to $40 billion by 2017. For-profit organizations are starting to take notice. One, ChalkStreet, is focused on making a social difference by making free access to teachers and experts possible for potentially millions. India is certainly not the only country that could benefit from access to high quality online content and ChalkStreet is not the only provider of such content—it competes with companies like Udemy and Skillshare. What implications does this model have for the future of education?

A growing online learning market in India is spurring innovation and the opportunity to bring a broad range of skills, competencies and information to all the states of India. It’s a great example of how technology can make a difference by connecting learners and educators regardless of geography. Students gain access to knowledge that might not have formerly been available, and instructors gain a new audience and the ability to reach and influence potentially disadvantaged students around the world.