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Online Learning: A Gift for the Earth?

by Anum Yoon

Elite Daily

Article excerpt

Paperless: 5 Ways Taking Online Classes Benefits The Environment

In addition to the positive effects digital classrooms can have on students, they also benefit the Earth. From reducing paper and other waste to conserving natural resources, here are five environmental benefits of a digital classroom you may not have considered.

Our take

Making the Environmental Case for Paperless

According to the National Wildlife Federation, paper comprises about 60 percent of the waste that is seen in traditional classroom settings. Think about all of the paper used for assignments, for exams, for handouts, etc. While much of the talk about the value of technology in education tends to center around flexibility and practicality in terms of conveying information, a big side benefit of such a shift can be environmental. What opportunities might this present for your school system budgets?

While it is unlikely that classrooms will ever become 100 percent paperless, every move toward that ultimate goal represents savings, efficiency and positive environmental impact. In fact, given younger generations’ increasing concern about the environment, this factor may be a great way to help move them online and away from traditional hard copy resources.