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Online Education, for a Fee

by EdSurge News


Article excerpt

Coursera to Charge Fees for Previously Free Courses

According to a company spokesperson, these fees will be applicable for “the vast majority of courses that are part of Specializations as well as for a small selection of courses outside of Specializations.” Prices for these courses will range from $29 to $99; financial aid is available.

Our take

Online, But Not So Open Anymore?

Challenging the meaning of the first O in MOOC, Coursera’s recent announcement that it will begin charging for grading in many of its courses shifts the business model for these disruptive, non-traditional offerings. What impacts, or opportunities, might such a shift hold for your institution?

It’s difficult to offer anything of value at no cost and there also is evidence to suggest that when students don’t pay for online coursework they’re far less likely to actually complete it. As more traditional schools are moving into the online space, the experiences of for-profits like Coursera can be instructive and can help point to both best practices and potential missteps.