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Students in Classroom

Online Charter Schools: A Classroom Alternative

by Angelica Carrillo

NBC News

Article excerpt

Some students go back to school while others turn to online learning

The tuition-free, online charter school, Oregon Connections Academy, is growing in popularity. Last year it served more than 4,000 students in the state. Enrollment in Lane County jumped 9 percent.

Our take

Who Needs a Classroom?

Our Take: In Oregon, a tuition-free charter school is taking education online for K-12 students—4000 of them. In addition to education, the school offers opportunities for socialization through extracurricular activities that allow students to come together with others. Is this a model we may see more of in the future?

Virtual charter schools are just one among a number of developing options for alternative channels of educational delivery at every stage of the learning process and may provide opportunities to serve marginalized audiences. It’s a format that may not serve everyone, but in remote areas, or for students with special needs, the ability to access educational resources from home can mean the difference between learning and languishing.