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Kids in Front of Laptop

NYC Calls for More Computer Science

by Larry Loeb


Article excerpt

NYC Mayor Wants Computer Science Education For All Student

Although the National Science Foundation has said it plans to train 10,000 teachers to teach computer science, more are needed nationwide. While the Mayor knows his plans calls for training nearly 5,000 teachers in order to provide the planned instruction at every level of schooling, he thinks that the teachers already in the system can be used to provide the instruction needed.

Our take

CompSci is on the Horizon: What Will You Do About It?

It’s the yin/yang of ramping up the technological savvy of today’s students—we know they need the knowledge, but who will provide it to them? The rapid pace of technological change means that even teachers who are relatively recent graduates may not have the knowledge, skill and ability needed to bring computer science instruction to students across a wide range of disciplines. With more cities likely to follow the lead of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and others, as they adopt aggressive goals to bring computer science (CompSci) to the classroom, how can you ensure that your instructors are ready?

CompSci in the classroom is a worthy mandate. Shortages of skilled teachers to teach these classes, though, is an issue that will have to be addressed. New York City, Chicago and San Francisco will be cities to watch and learn from as they move forward to meet their goals. But, in addition to listening and learning, now is also the time to assess your instructors’ competencies and to think strategically about how you will consider these initiatives as part of your ongoing strategic planning.