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Next Steps For Personalized Learning

by Nichole Dobo

The Hechinger Report

Article excerpt

What if students could study what they love, at a pace that suits their needs?

Educators, researchers and advocates still quibble over the precise definition of personalized learning, but most agree on this much: In these classrooms teachers don’t pass out identical worksheets and tests to every student.

Our take

Starting Personalized Community Conversations

The promise of truly personalized learning is that each individual student will engage with teachers, other students and information in unique ways that are best suited to their unique interests and aptitudes. But achieving this goal may be a challenge according to a report from the New Media Consortium and the Consortium for School Networking. Are you prepared to rethink and redesign the traditional classroom learning model?

The Horizon report lays out the future potential and potential problems in the education realm, based on input from a wide range of industry experts. While technology can be foundational to achieving success in education, it’s not the only—nor should it be the first—consideration. As this piece points out one important starting point is beginning conversations between educators and the communities they serve to develop a vision for what a personalized education should, ideally, look like.