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The Newest Benefit Of Social Media

by Colleen Flaherty

Inside Higher Ed

Article excerpt

Tweeting Your Way to Tenure

Love it or hate it, social media is no passing fad — and increasingly it’s intertwined with more traditional academic platforms. Numerous scholars have popular blogs, for example, on which they test out new ideas and share research.

Our take

Publish or Perish: On Social Media?

While there are still plenty of educators who dismiss the value of social media and want nothing to do with it, some scholarly organizations are considering the role social media engagement may play in tenure decisions. Social media holds the opportunity to help educators connect with a broader audience to both share information and conduct research. What role does social media play in your academic decisions?

Social media has entered the education arena from K-12 on up.The kind of public communication that social media allows can present both opportunities and risks to educators, administrators and school systems. Having discussions about how social media is, and could be, used can help to identify misconceptions, concerns and innovative ideas.