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A New Use For Blockchain

by Kerri Lemoie


Article excerpt

What Blockchain Means for Higher Education

Originally created as the underlying database for bitcoin (the peer-to-peer digital asset and payment system), blockchain’s technology is now being seen as valuable and purposeful beyond the financial sector. The advantages blockchain provides to store information on a secure, permanent, historical ledger that can be both public and private will change how edtech applications approach student data.

Our take

Ed Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain could provide the ability to share student data across a wide range of institutions and online learning sites. Already being used in the financial realm, the technology offers secure access through multi-layered authorizations. What are the implications in education?

As educational options extend beyond the traditional to include not only access to other institutions, but also to other educational resources like apps and online learning tools, the ability to securely gather and store the data related to these interactions will become increasingly important. Blockchain technology represents an opportunity to do just that through secure layers that protect student data while allowing for access from anywhere.