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New Minecraft: Education Edition

by Darrell Etherington


Article excerpt

Minecraft: Education Edition arrives November 1

The full version of Minecraft: Education Edition is finally arriving on November 1, following an extended testing and free trial period that began this summer. The version of Minecraft aimed at educators and schools came out of Microsoft’s acquisition of learning game MinecraftEdu earlier this year, which built upon Minecraft to give teachers tools to build lessons around STEM, art, language and more.

Our take

New Minecraft Education Edition Offers New Options and Opportunities

Minecraft is a common example of how gamification can be applied to learning. The popular app is widely embraced by children and increasingly used by instructors to engage students in learning around STEM and other topics. How might you leverage the new, full version of Minecraft: Education Edition in your classrooms after its release on November 1?

Minecraft, and similar gamification-type learning apps, provides a ready-made opportunity to engage students in an environment that they find fun and non-threatening. This new release is based on prior input from students, teachers and other users, and offers an option for more teacher-control of the virtual environment. The Education Edition website offers lesson plan examples and other resources. When considering ways to incorporate these apps into your classrooms, though, always keep in mind that a game in the classroom should lead students to lessons learned – not just rewards.