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A New Generation of Digital Pioneers

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Article excerpt

BBC Ships micro:bit, a Pocket-Size Computer, to 1M British Students

The micro:bit computer contains a central processing unit, accelerometer, magnetometer, LED display, two buttons and connectivity to both USB and Bluetooth. Its hardware is open-source and designed for students with no technical experience to be able to use and customize it.

Our take

Tools to Tinker With: Introducing Students to STEM Naturally

Put technology in their hands and let them play to learn—that’s the premise behind the BBC’s move to provide micro:bit coding devices to a million 11-13 year old students in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Their hope is to “inspire a generation of digital pioneers.” Will they be successful?

The need for STEM-savvy students is widely known. School systems, and governments, are eager to find ways of instilling these skills in students today so they will be able to meet the technology needs of the world in the not-so-distant future. Arming them, early in their school careers, with the tools that allow them to tinker, in fun and engaging ways, seems to hold promise for helping these digital natives more naturally adapt to STEM needs.