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New Attendees for a New Conversation

by Tony Wan


Article excerpt

Davos in Diego? What to Expect From This Year’s ASU+GSV Summit ‘Cocktail’

For each Summit, she says, “we want to curate a strange cocktail of people who don’t normally end up in the same room.” [This] year, the new ingredients will include a bigger mix of government officials, community college leaders and overseas education business leaders.

Our take

Politicians, Venture Capitalists, Teachers and More: An Unlikely Group Gathered in San Diego Recently

What do Bill Gates, Condoleezza Rice, Guy Kawasaki—and maybe you—have in common? They, and maybe you, attended this year’s “Davos in the Desert” (now to be called something else after moving to San Diego this year) event April 18-20, 2016. What opportunities and innovations can be gained by gathering a “cocktail” of attendees to this event?

Education is changing and, as it does, a variety of new participants is emerging. While some have been critical of the too-corporate feel of recent Davos in the Desert events, today’s reality means that interactions between traditional educators and others—including corporate interests, government, technology experts and more—will be required to start conversations that can lead to new collaborations and, hopefully, future innovations.