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Never Too Early For STEM

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Fab labs to launch in early childhood programs

In March 2016, The Bay Area Discovery Museum, in partnership with TIES and FableVision, launched the world’s first Fab Lab for young learners (ages 3 to 10) to help them navigate the design process from concept to production, and turn their ideas into reality.

Our take

Teaching Toddlers STEM

It’s never too early to begin introducing students to STEM. With that concept in mind, a group of educational leaders have come together to introduce “Fab Labs” to daycares, museums and other venues that serve children as young as ages 3-10. These “digital fabrication laboratories” are basically spaces that offer the tools and guidance to teach children to experiment, play—and learn. Providing opportunities for children to engage in science and technology-based learning, even before they enter kindergarten can pave the way for future engagement. Are there opportunities for you to reach out to children earlier?

While many school systems are attempting to ensure STEM curriculum coverage in K-12, gaps still remain. There’s no need to hold off, though, on engaging younger learners, until STEM has been entirely adopted or adapted within your system. In fact, partnerships with pre-schools and museums can boost interest and provide insights that can be leveraged across the K-12 spectrum.