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Student using tablet in Library

Navigate eLearning With Different Technology

by Christopher Pappas

eLearning Industry

Article excerpt

7 Tips For Creating Tablet-Friendly eLearning Courses

If your eLearning courses aren’t mobile-friendly, then you may be excluding a good percentage of your audience. This article features 7 tips you can use to get your eLearning course tablet-ready.

Our take

With eLearning Technology Matters, But Outcomes Matter Most

With a proliferation of learners of all ages now using tablets to access information, educators have opportunities to deliver information and instruction through eLearning applications. But, while teachers may recognize the value that such applications may bring to their classrooms, many have not been schooled in either the use of these tools or the actual development of coursework for eLearning environments. With more than 82 million people now owning tablets in the United States, it’s a learning platform that shouldn’t be overlooked. This article offers some tips to help make the prospect of designing coursework in this environment less daunting. But, the technical aspects of creating and publishing content for tablets is just one piece of the process; what other issues do teachers need to be concerned about?

Ultimately, technology is an enabler—a tool, or tools, that allow the achievement of some desired outcomes. In using these tools it’s important for instructors to start with the end in mind. What learning outcomes are you hoping to achieve? What platforms make the most sense given these outcomes and the information that needs to be conveyed? Thoughtful consideration and discussion among educators, administrators, parents and students can ensure the most effective use of technology in instruction.