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mLearning: Generational Opinions

by Marek Hyla

eLearning Industry

Article excerpt

Why Gen Y Doesn’t Want To Use mLearning

It is a common way of thinking that mobile learning is a perfect way of delivering competencies to young people. A couple of months ago, during one of our consulting projects, we realized that this is not so sure.

Our take

Just Because You Build It, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

It’s not uncommon to make assumptions about the needs and preferences of learners of all ages. One commonly held belief is that Generation Y (GenY) – or the millennial generation – are eager adopters of all things digital. To a degree that may be true, but as this author and consultant discovered while working with a client on a training program, this isn’t always the case. In this situation, specifically, GenY balked at using an employer-provided mobile learning (mLearning option). Why? Their reasons were practical: small screen size, not wanting to access these courses outside of work hours, and sometimes slow access and connections. Is the adoption of your e-learning technology offerings being hindered by incorrect assumptions?

This study of workplace e-learning adoption by generations has implications for educators who must be cautious in attempting to understand their target audiences’ potential response to, and adoption of, e-learning offerings. Rather than make assumptions, be sure to include end users in discussions about how and why technology options are being considered, gathering their input early in the adoption process. If existing offerings are under-utilized it may be time to sit down with potential users, as this author did, to drill down into the reasons behind the results.