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Students Gathered with Devices

mLearning: Education, Everywhere

by Samiran Ghosh

eLearning Industry

Article excerpt

mLearning: The Chance To Enhance Education In Developing Nations

The survey was completed by over 4,000 people in seven countries (Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe) and supported by qualitative interviews with numerous respondents. The depth and breadth of data collection make this study the most comprehensive investigation of mobile reading in developing countries to date.

Our take

Bringing Mobile Education to the Masses in Undeveloped Countries

A recent UNESCO survey of more than 4000 people in seven developing countries investigated the use of mobile devices. While people in these countries often do not have running water or toilets, perhaps surprisingly they increasingly have access to mobile technology. What might this mean for the opportunity to bring education to underserved areas?

Technology may serve as the great equalizer when it comes to opening up access to education around the globe. Online education in many of these countries is expanding rapidly as educators and organizations are finding a large, untapped, market for content that can be consumed on mobile devices.